Welcome to Blessings Telecom.

The Wholesaler of Branded Mobile Phones & Electronics (FMCE) for Global Markets.


Get your bulk mobile phone needs for your wholesale business fulfilled by us.
Blessings Telecom - Your Trusted and Reliable source of volume inventories for brands that sell the most.

We encourage you to ask around and take our reference, and we're sure you would be able to achieve an immediate and positive reference.
We deal with all major distributors and traders around the globe and turn around very high volumes of stock.

We hold physical stocks of all the major brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola amongst other brands.


With 20+ years track record, Blessings has trade spread across all major continents and has positioned itself as one of the Top Wholeseller in the International Mobile Trade business.

Our focus on the current trading opportunities coupled with the upcoming technologies in devices is one of our key factor towards current and future growth.
Blessings Telecom has strong relations with leading international manufacturer brands, telecom operators, retailer chains, online channels and mobile phone traders worldwide.


What makes Blessings Telecom, a Trusted bulk supplier for phones, internationally:

- Fostering relationships with international distributors, whole-sellers and bulk traders of Mobile Phones.

- We utilize our volume buying strength with our large international supplier network.

- Most competitive pricing and expertise of supply chain solutions to the regional/local distributors and re-sellers.

- We are located on the gateway of trading hubs – Dubai, Hong Kong, India, London, Miami.

- We have tie-ups with the best logistics companies in the trade, and use their overseas facilities to securely store our products and to make them available to our clients.

- We pride ourselves in the quality of products we offer, our prices, and most importantly, our customer service.

Our objective is to understand our customers and provide a proactive, professional and one to one service, besides competitive prices, fast and secure deliveries.

We look forward to building association with your company and making fruitful business possible between us.