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Blessings is a leading wholesale distributor and trader of Mobile Phones, Branded Mobile Accessories, Gadgets, Audio, Fitness Devices, Game Consoles, etc.
We are based in Dubai - UAE, strategically located at Dubai Airport Freezone, enabling fast, secure and highly reliable international trade.
We have been in this business for over 20+ years with extremely strong and valuable relations with our trading network in prime mobile markets globally.

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Blessings is a wholesaler for worldwide specs mobile phones.
Global, Asian, Indian, Malaysian, Thailand, Taiwan, European, American, Latin, and African Specs.

At Blessings, we are immensely grateful for all the old and new partnerships and trading relations we have established over the years.
Its people like you, who make us tick and be generously excited for exploring new trading opportunities, always..

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  • We are all part of this truly global and dynamic trade of mobile wholesale business. The fast turnover and value centric nature of this trade has phenomenal challenges and has seen many ups and downs.
  • Markets have kept changing through the years, many top selling global brands have come and gone, and new ones have come in.
  • Many old high volume markets have vanished, and new ones have taken more significance.
  • A lot of old and reliable suppliers have hence moved on, and new ones have demonstrated strong business establishment.
  • For the bulk sellers who have stayed the course, we all understand that the nuances of this trade is like no other. We need to be on top of our game to counter balance the challenges and make our way forward, always.
  • For everyone in the phones whole-selling industry, here are loads of warm-good wishes, for the most fruitful trading opportunities with regular and volume business all the times!